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  • 1 Family
    • 1.1 Crimson
    • 1.2 Unnamed Mother
    • 1.3 Millie
    • 1.4 Joe and Lin
    • 1.5 Sallie May
  • 2 Employees of I.M.P
    • 2.1 Blitzo
    • 2.2 Loona
  • 3 Enemies
    • 3.1 Verosika Mayday
    • 3.2 Striker
    • 3.3 Chazwick Thurman
  • 4 Others
    • 4.1 Stolas
  • 5 Humans
    • 5.1 Eddie
    • 5.2 Martha and Family
    • 5.3 Employees of D.H.O.R.K.S.
  • 6 Angels
    • 6.1 C.H.E.R.U.B



Crimson is Moxxie's father. It is shown in the episode "Exes and Oohs" that Crimson is very abusive towards Moxxie, and that they share an entirely negative relationship. Moxxie made every effort to avoid introducing his father, or even acknowledging his existence to Millie or Blitzo. Initially, Moxxie fears Crimson and is entirely deferential towards Crimson's requests and demands.

After suffering a litany of physical and psychological abuse by Crimson, and Chaz, after learning he was to be forced to marry Chaz against his consent, Moxxie was able to summon the courage to stand up to Crimson and reject his orders.

Unnamed Mother[]

Although Moxxie's mother was only shown in flashbacks, it is shown that Moxxie enjoyed a positive relationship with his mother. His mother would always help him cut up his food when he was a child and praise him for shooting bullseyes.


Moxxie/Relationships (1)

Millie is Moxxie's wife and co-worker. According to Moxxie, he has been married to Millie for at least one year.

They have a very positive relationship with each other, with Moxxie often verbally and physically expressing his love and adoration towards Millie.

He appears to adore Millie's sad*stic tendencies to a degree. It has been shown that while he is intoxicated, he continuously flirts and announces his love for Millie, much to her amusem*nt and pleasure. Furthermore, Moxxie is very loyal to his wife, as shown from his rejection of the succubi's attempts to seduce him. Moxxie also flatly rejected every one of many seducing attempts by Chazwick Thurman.

In "Unhappy Campers" Millie comforted Moxxie when he felt upset about wanting to do his mission his way, and supported him throughout the week. However, Moxxie blamed Millie for his shortcomings and expressed his annoyance by her popularity with the campers, causing Millie to lash out about him not supporting her while she supported him, and not taking her advice about killing who was obviously guilty. Seeing her tearful outburst, Moxxie felt regret and made things right with his wife by showing his support for her, even despite the insults he received from others while doing so.

In "Hell's Belles", when Moxxie returns to their appartment and finds Millie and Sallie May watching a something on their TV, he does not interrupt the fun that Millie and Sallie May are having in the moment to ask Millie about why she is wearing bandages wrapped around her head immediately, presumably asking Millie about what happened after Sallie May returned to the Wrath Ring.

In "Unhappy Campers", it was revealed that Moxxie can become annoyed with Millie, especially at competition scenarios such as who can get more attention from the campers. From the very start Moxxie was doomed to fail by making a horrible first impression on the campers when he tried too hard to be liked resulting in them freaking out and pushing him away. Adding salt to the wound, Millie becoming instantly adored by everyone simply for acting natural and relaxed with the kids. This bothered Moxxie to such extend that he lashed out at his wife, blaming her for the mission taking so long to complete. This outburst upset Millie to tears, calling out Moxxie for insisting to do things his way, even though she pointed out the obvious target, Counselor Jimmy.When she told Moxxie this was the first time she felt important and someone to be proud of, he realized his mistake. Moxxie later apologized and praised Millie, providing his support and allowing his wife a much-needed moment to shine.

Joe and Lin[]

Moxxie enjoys a terse relationship with Millie's parents. Joe and Lin looked down on Moxxie due to his lack of physical strength and his display of intelligence, conversely Moxxie went to great lengths to ingratiate himself towards the pair. It is implied after standing up to Joe that he had earned their respect, to a degree.

Sallie May[]

Sallie is Moxxie's sister-in-law, and, like most of her family, she doesn't think much of him. Disrespecting him by saying he'll never earn her parents respect and even betting that Moxxie would die in the Pain Games.

Employees of I.M.P[]


Moxxie/Relationships (2)

Blitzo is Moxxie's boss. It was revealed in "Exes and Oohs" that they met as cellmates in a Greed prison and presumably broke out together. They do not have much of a positive relationship, as Blitzo frequently treats Moxxie like an underling and only briefly acknowledges his presence before skipping to what he wants to focus on, which frustrates Moxxie. Blitzo has a habit of questioning Moxxie's sexual performance and deriding him for not being a perceived lack of masculinity.

Blitzo's tendency to shift the blame towards Moxxie when his business antics go wrong has further soured Moxxie's view of Blitzo. Understandably, Moxxie also hates it when Blitzo stalks him and his wife after work hours.

Despite all this, he does hold some positive views regarding Blitzo, and is generally quite happy whenever Blitzo acknowledges him and his contributions to the company.

It was revealed over the course of "Truth Seekers" that the reason why Blitzo treats Moxxie in such a harsh manner is due to knowing that Moxxie is a far more capable assassin than Blitzo has suggested, and that he is envious of the relationship that Moxxie has with Millie; it is suggested that Moxxie's relationship with Blitzo has at least improved for the better following this event.


Loona is a co-worker of Moxxie's, he does not get along with Loona, with him looking annoyed or angry with her whenever they're on screen together. It is likely that Moxxie's view of Loona turned negative due to Loona's constant insulting and belittling of Moxxie, he once taunted that he considers her to be a "Homeless Meth-addict, that Blitzo leaves in charge of the phones".

During the events of "Seeing Stars", Moxxie had convinced Blitzo to attempt "tough love" against Loona to convince her to take her job more seriously.


Verosika Mayday[]

Moxxie has little knowledge of Verosika, due to his lack of interest in the forms of music that Verosika sings, as well as claiming that her status means nothing to him due to the aforementioned fact. He was surprised, however, at discovering that Blitzo had enjoyed a personal relationship with Verosika in the past, questioning if Verosika had suffered brain damage sufficient for her to date Blitzo.

Moxxie made an attempt to politely and cordially resolve an issue between Verosika and Blitzo, only for Verosika and her gang to sexually assault him. Following this, Moxxie has seemingly held a low opinion towards the succubus.


Moxxie's attempt to form an amicable relationship with Striker quickly failed as the ranch hand belittled his attempts to prove himself to Millie's parents. Moxxie quickly became hostile towards Striker. Their rivalry came to a head when Moxxie stumbled upon Striker's plan to assassinate Stolas using a special sniper rifle, designed for killing demon royalty.

Upon their second encounter in "Western Energy", Moxxie along his wife have showed great enthusiasm to settle the score once and for all with Striker for abducting Stolas. Moxxie gave Striker quite the trouble before the other managed to subdue him. When Striker showed sad*stic glee as he choked him, Moxxie teased Striker to go harder, feigning getting turned on by the treatment. Startled, Striker instantly let him go, allowing Moxxie to fight off cowboy in rather unconventional way. With the help of his wife, Moxxie managed defeat Striker by crushing him under a giant statue of himself. Upon examining the site, Moxxie expressed frustration by realizing that Striker has eluded them once again.

Chazwick Thurman[]

Chazwick Thurman was Moxxie's, and Millie's, ex-boyfriend. The two met at Moxxie's induction ceremony into the Mafia and quickly developed a criminal workplace romance. Chazwick eventually abandoned Moxxie during a bank heist, leaving a tearful and betrayed Moxxie to be imprisoned, effectively ending the relationship. Upon meeting again later, in the episode "Exes and Oohs", Chaz attempted to con Crimson and charm Moxxie into abandoning Millie and marrying him, but Moxxie proved unimpressed with Chaz and rejected his advances at every occasion, having to be forced at gunpoint to go through a farcical and failed marriage attempt. Following the interruption of the marriage ceremony, Moxxie escaped from Chazwick. It is unknown if Moxxie is aware of Chazwick's death.



Moxxie and Stolas are acquaintances through Blitzo. From what little of what has been shown of their interactions, Moxxie appears to hold a positive disposition towards Stolas, and appears to be generally supportive of Blitzo's relationship towards the Goetia Prince. He always respected Stolas and calls him “Your Highness”. In "Western Energy", he expressed fear and worried when Stolas called saying he got kidnapped by Striker. After him and Millie fought Striker, Moxxie was horrified to see how badly injured Stolas was and took him to the hospital, putting Stolas’ needs before his own.



NOTE: The events depicted within the Helluva Boss pilot are confirmed to be not canon to the main Hazbin Hotel franchise by the creators.

Believing he had accidentally mortally wounded an innocent child, who was not their target, Moxxie became highly distressed, and went to great lengths to preserve his life. After discovering that he was the correct target all along, he had no issue in participating in his murder and subsequent mutilation.

Martha and Family[]

Moxxie initially found himself apprehensive to the idea of murdering Martha after discovering that she had a seemingly idyllic family. While not specifically sympathetic to her, he was not thrilled with the prospect of murdering her. He later realized his mistake fully after Martha and her family turned out to be homicidal Satanists and had no qualm in murdering Martha to protect Blitzo and Millie.

However, he still refused to kill her family, as he believed they deserved a chance to redeem themselves, and was distressed after the police killed them all, showing he still retained some mercy for Martha's family.

Employees of D.H.O.R.K.S.[]

During his captivity by D.H.O.R.K.S., Moxxie's expressed disdain towards his would-be interrogators. He privately expressed grave concern and fear regarding them while in captivity (and believing he was unobserved by them), fearing the prospect of the "earthly authorities" undermining them, but when freed his fear turned to hostility.



Moxxie was quick to verbally express his dislike for the cherub trio, expressing dismay towards their efforts to keep alive a human who, Moxxie believes, is an example of a terrible human being. Moxxie expressed no dismay towards the cherubs accidentally murdering their target and being subsequently exiled from heaven.

Moxxie/Relationships (2024)
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