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Hi there sweetie. Welcome to the 40-steps to Femme program.

Is it really true that you want to be feminized? That is super brave to admit to yourself, at last, what you are. Immediately it feels like a weight off your shoulders.

Do you fantasize about being made to dress like a woman, look like a woman, think like a woman and act like a woman? Have you imagined yourself as a beautiful woman, being able to live your true feminine life?

You’ve come to the right place. During my years as a therapist, I have worked with many girls who were starting on their transition. It is a process that should not be rushed.

Many sites make their main focus the humiliation of beingmade to dress femme in public. This site focuses on encouragement rather thanhumiliation.

If there are any women reading this that are using the program to teach a cheating husband/boyfriend or sexist man a lesson, each step can be easily adjusted to inflict humiliation on those who are not worthy.

Some of you may remember the fabulous website called Sissy Station from around 10 years ago. Sadly that site is no more. One of the things that Sissy Station had going for it was a set of 25 sissy assignments. Like other sites before and after was the focus on humiliation. In spite of that, some of those assignment ideas were actually very good.

What I have done is take some of the ideas in the 25 SissyStation assignments and write them into some of the 40 steps. So, if some ofthe steps have a familiar feel, that is why.

Why have I chosen the number of 40 for the number of steps that you need to complete? That is because it should take you 40 weeks to complete the entire program. That is the same number of weeks as a human pregnancy. Think of it as a path to being reborn as your true feminine self.

On the following pages, you will be given a series of tasks that will take you on a journey using soft, gentle encouragement and on towards your new feminine lifestyle.

Please don’t ask for personal training, though. Follow the steps as laid out here. There is more than enough to keep you busy. Even if you are experienced, with your very own, feminine wardrobe and you dress regularly, the discipline of having your femininity re-enforced by these tasks will still be thrilling.

Even though the different steps are listed below, you willget the best results by following the program in the correct sequence. Thislist is to help you negotiate your way to the step you are currently busy with.

You are welcome to write reports on your progress as comments under the program steps if you wish. Please include your femme name in your comment. The best reports may even be invited to be guest writers here on Pink-Femme.

One final thing that I need to tell you before you start your 40-steps to femme program. Some of the steps will refer you to some products at Amazon. These are affiliate links. In other words, when you click to Amazon via these links, Pink Femme will earn a tiny commission of the value of your total shopping cart. Together with the adverts you see, that is the way we are able to fund the hosting costs of this website.

Using those links keeps Pink Femme free for you and all the other girls too. Any excess income will be used to pay writers for more articles that will help you be even more girly every day.

You can also consider joining our family and becoming a Pink Femme Sister (on Patreon) where you have a voice in choosing the content to be written on this site. Every penny from Pink Femme Sisters will be spent on creating content that will be made available for free on Pink Femme. I would love to be able to hire trans girls as freelance writers – girls who have faced the same challenges that you are struggling with.

So sweetie, are you ready?

The 40 Steps

  1. Your First Step To Femininity: Panties
  2. Pairing Panties With Outer Clothes
  3. Sitting to pee
  4. Fabulously Femme Sleep Shorts
  5. How to smooth your skirt under you before you sit
  6. Take body measurements for your femme body shape
  7. Learning How To Wear Pantyhose The Right Way
  8. Create A Fully Femme Pinterest Profile
  9. Keep knees together, like a girl
  10. Care For Your Feet In A Girly Way
  11. Tuck Arms While Walking, like a girl
  12. Feminize your room
  13. Create or enhance your cleavage with makeup
  14. Your first bra and how to wear it without showing
  15. Care for your hands in a girly way
  16. Wrap your towels like a girl after a shower or bath
  17. Shaving and moisturizing for soft smooth girly legs
  18. Cross your legs like a lady and sitting with poise
  19. Wear lip balm all day, every day
  20. Learn to pose/stand like a lady
  21. The rule of pink. Wear something pink every day
  22. Climb stairs like a lady
  23. Paint your toenails to make them pretty
  24. Learn to enter and exit a car like a lady
  25. Choosing an ankle bracelet and wearing eyeliner
  26. Shopping for yoga pants and wearing your ankle bracelet
  27. Choosing your girly-fit workouts
  28. Feelings Journal and Perfume
  29. Learn To Walk In Heels
  30. Shaving legs, underarms, and whole body
  31. Buying your first purse/handbag
  32. Dining like a lady: Feminine table manners
  33. Go for a professional waxing at a salon. Plus You will be shopping for a bra including a proper fitting.
  34. Have your nails done at a salon. Plus Beauty Counter at department store.
  35. You are to write down a detailed description of the makeup of at least two women you interact with each day. Plus shopping for feminine trainers at a store.
  36. Book an appointment at the hair salon and ask for the most feminine style they can give you. Plus Buy two nighties and sleep in them every day.
  37. You’re going to buy a pretty top and skirt for yourself. Choose an elegant top and skirt. Classy, not trashy.
  38. Lipstick and mascara in public.
  39. Book a complete makeover with a stylist/makeover studio for the morning and remain the rest of the day en femme.
  40. Coming out as femme.
40 Steps To Femme Program | PinkFemme (2024)
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